Who We are:

Dynamic English is a program run by Dynamic Educational Services. Here English classes are taught with special focus on speaking, listening and reading skills with correct grammar. Because the programs, syllabus, classes are all monitored by the native English speakers of the USA.

Most of the trainers here are highly qualified and experienced with a very good communication skills and a fully-accredited TESOL/TEFL certification through LAMAR University and the Paris College of International Education (France). We have been training the students of Jamia Nagar and nearby for almost 16 years. Our teaching method is our core-competency because we use the practical method of improving spoken skills. Because of this technique, students start feeling the improvement in less than a month. At Dynamic, we have different levels depending on your current spoken skills. There is no age bar for learning a language. We have certain things in every level to teach. If a student can understand English but not able to speak or can speak a little they are put in basic level. If they can understand and speak but they hesitate to speak in a crowd and unable to make complex and compound sentences they are enrolled for the intermediate level. If the students are capable enough to make different types of sentences and they can communicate but they need to learn how to speak one thing in many different ways or they want to learn and practice the professional level of English they may join the advanced level.

The levels are decided after the level placement test done at Dynamic.



We use the Cambridge University Press curriculum Touchstone Students book and for the grammar learning we use Essential English grammar and Intermediate English grammar by Raymond Murphy. We have the right balance between learning the new things and practicing the language through innovative activities and public speaking task. For the level upgradation we test the students every month.  


Enrollment Process

You may visit our office or you can email or call us: you can whatsapp, signal, or telegram or you can email us or simply text us to schedule a meeting or visit us the address and phone number is mentioned on the home page. or you can go to the contact page and contact us through that. 

After the placement test is done, level of the students is determined. As per the students’ choice of class time, the class is assigned from the available timing options. Attending all classes is compulsory for the desired result. Dynamic doesn’t make such promises like guaranteeing the success within a certain period of time, because the progress varies student-to-student. The development of the students is assessed through spoken and written test. The progress speed depends on the personality of the students(shy or bold), speaking opportunities outside, class attendance and focus in the class.













Dynamic English program was launched in 2005 in the neighborhood of Okhla. Initially it was started by the native speakers of the language and carried forward by Mr. Jonathan Shifley and Mrs. Heather Shifley. Because of its high quality of the course structure and well-planned teaching techniques, the course became very popular and in the very short span of time, the space wasn’t enough to handle the crowd of students. So we had to relocate to a new place in the same locality. Dr. Anwarul Haque, was hired to help the management as an Indian employee to support them culture-wise.

In the year 2011 Mr. Randall Long and Late Mrs. Heidi Long landed in Delhi for the purpose of serving the society and help them learn American English. They held the reign of this institution and carried it forward. Dr. Haque was still there and got promoted as the centre manager and began handling the day-to-day operations of the institute and brought the institute to a new height.

 In the beginning of 2015 we ended up at the main road Batla House location. In this tenure we have had the privilege to teach the students from more than 35 countries. We are happy to share this information with you that in this fifteen year long period of time, we served more than five thousand people of our community. Many of them were highly qualified and skilled but were not able to crack the job interviews because of the lack of communication skills. Many of our students were able to be placed at the dignified positions in India and abroad.

The teaching techniques here is quite different. Unlike the traditional teaching method, here students’ participation and learning with practical environment whereat students role-play, carry many real life activities. We follow the Cambridge University Press curricula.  

Nowadays, the institution is running smoothly under the supervision of Dr. Anwarul Haque, who has been serving here as a Director.    



Our Mission

Our mission is to make our services available to all with love, respect and peace to all. In order to contribute in getting the society educated, we are always committed. 


Our Vision

We at Dynamic aim to serve people of every age, cast and creed, without discrimination on whatsoever basis. We look forward to train the people for a good command over English language and soft skills. 

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